Herbalife Forges Ahead With New Herbalife Commercials

Herbalife Independent Distributor 40527 Pebble Way Palmdale, CA 93551 (661) 406-9207

Over 4,000 People Rallied for “Herbalife Day” at Los Angeles City Hall on March 25, 2015

The new Herbalife TV Ad Campaign was kicked off a few days ago, starting with a strong rally of Southern Californians in downtown Los Angeles as Herbalife commercials were released to network television. At the “Herbalife Day” rally, Herbalife Distributors shared with legislators their value of the Herbalife products and company.  The massive Herbalife PR campaign shows that lots of people are excited and want Herbalife products and the business to flourish.

While watching the evening news, I was amazed to see an Herbalife commercial, portraying fit and healthy people enjoying the Herbalife Products.  Wow and thank you, Herbalife Corporate!  As an Herbalife Distributor, I’m glad to see this new Herbalife commercial, which gives everyone interested in Herbalife products a boost.  The ad campaign also shows the company’s dedication to their Herbalife Distributors and clients, who for well over three decades have enjoyed the health benefits of Herbalife nutritional products, including the tasty and healthy Herbalife meal replacement shakes.  Go Herbalife!

“This is all part of a larger effort on our part to make sure people know what we’re about and what we mean to the community,” said Alan Hoffman, executive vice president of global corporate affairs for Herbalife.

The analytics on this blog show that the new Herbalife commercial is effective and encouraging.  Herbalife International, Inc has done a lot to help their distributors and customers by airing the new Herbalife TV ad campaign, and extending it to cable, network television, newspapers, the Internet and radio.  And, for people who desire to become an Herbalife Independent Distributor, the marketing plan is not only user friendly, but achievable.

The company has been around since 1980 and is helping people in 90 countries worldwide by encouraging more healthy and active lifestyles.  Herbalife products include meal replacement shakes, vitamins, snacks, nutritional supplements, energy drinks, sports performance nutrition and outer nutrition for hair and skin care.

In addition to changes to the Herbalife business model, the company has done a lot to foster social responsibility in communities around the world; and, Herbalife has sponsored many sports teams, including the Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer Team. Herbalife most recently partnered with the American Red Cross, and after giving blood, people got a free nutritional bar. As a sponsor of the Special Olympics, Herbalife had the most participants ever worldwide who engaged in a high intensity workout over a 24 hour period.

The Herbalife Family Foundation has been a major supporter of A Place Called Home since 2005 and has helped us respond to food insecurity in South Central Los Angeles by providing daily healthy meals and ongoing nutrition education for young people and families.  We value our long-term relationship with HFF, and appreciate the resources and the tremendous volunteer support we receive from Herbalife members and employees. ~ Executive Director of A Place Called Home Jonathan Zeichner

Herbalife Independent Distributor in Palmdale, CA (661) 406-9207

Herbalife Independent Distributor (661) 406-9207

As a user of Herbalife Products for almost three decades myself, call me for more information (661) 406-9207.отзывы полигонcar stereo for 2012 nissan altimaлучшие ноутбукиденьги в долг великий новгородкак взять кредит в теле2взять кредит в европеооо деньги до зарплаты брестхоум кредит тел горячей линииленовоintercombasehomes for sale in united statesвиды брендаскачатьskachat-prilozhenie.comдуховный центр возрождение


Ackman Now Says His Short On Herbalife Stock Is Work For God

A Pyramid Scheme is what Pershing Square hedge fund manager, Bill Ackman, has broadly decreed to be Herbalife, but it has been my experience that many people do actually seek out the Herbalife products and buy them at retail prices.  Herbalife is a world class nutritional brand that has been smeared by Bill Ackman in the press, as he has bet against Herbalife’s success by shorting the Herbalife stock HLF.  On one hand, he exposed that a few distributors were also selling, in addition to Herbalife products, a business system independent of Herbalife International, Inc., which sadly, victimized some people. Herbalife Corporate offices did not originate or promote these types of marketing systems, but rather, a few Independent Distributors chose to sell separate marketing systems, which Bill Ackman tries to use to validate his Herbalife smear campaign.

Mr. Ackman, who claims that Herbalife targets the poor among minorities, recently released video testimonies of well educated, upper middle class buyers who foolishly dumped tens of thousands of dollars into unauthorized recruiting systems.  Ackman’s skewed message contains half truths.  Sadly, Ackman is correct that people sometimes make bad decisions about how to conduct business.  In my opinion, it can’t be blamed on Herbalife. These people had the freedom to decide whether or not to spend their money foolishly on unauthorized recruiting systems  Herbalife is a great company with great products.  Ackman has used such stories to support his short positions in the Herbalife stock for over two years, which he now calls “God’s work.”  Herbalife, however, spends a lot on social responsibility throughout the world.

I’ve been using Herbalife products since the early 90s and am an Herbalife Independent Distributor.  I left for few years and having recently returned, I, too, was exposed to a business “system” that I knew was not the traditional approach to the Herbalife Business Opportunity. I’d returned because I liked and wanted to use the Herbalife products, so I signed up as an Herbalife distributor to benefit from a discount, and after careful thought and research, decided to make Herbalife available by quietly developing a blog that could be found on local search engines.  People looking for Herbalife products found me here online more frequently, that is, until Bill Ackman’s Herbalife Smear Campaign started. And, even though Ackman’s antics have negatively impacted my Herbalife hobby, this blog will remain.as an ongoing work in progress. I’m grateful that Herbalife Corporate reached out to me with a few adjustments and suggested a disclaimer to help make my site better.

I have repeat retail customers who I cherish, and new customers every so often. Sometimes these customers become distributors for a discount. Never have I told anyone to buy in to a Supervisor order; however, some of my distributors have eventually become Supervisors over time, like I did. Mark Hughes taught that the customer comes first.

I’m not playing Bill Ackman’s money games, although I believe he has pushed the HLF stock into the BUY range, lol.

If you are interested in world class health products, you may click these links for Herbalife Products or to become an Herbalife Distributor, and don’t hesitate to call or add to this discussion.  I’ll be glad to hear from you.  I’m proud to be an Herbalife Distributor and I’m glad to live in a free society where people can make their own choices.разработка промо страницрусская групповое видеокарта флэш памятиможно ли взять второй кредитвзять кредит 50000 рублейкредит что такоеброкер по кредитамэкспресс кредит псковenglish portuguese translationphases of software development life cycleluxury homes for sale in miami flшлифовка паркета видеовзломатьwitcherцерковь возрождения проповедь


Use Healthy Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate For Alertness and Energy

Herbalife Herbal Tea Herbalife Herbal Tea is a highly sought after for alertness, energy and its fat burning boost to metabolism.  Healthy Hearbalife Tea Concentrate is made of green tea and botanicals.  Wouldn’t you prefer to be burning calories instead of adding them?

When clients run out of their Herbalife tea, they text or call me right away due to the focus, energy, feelings of wellbeing and other benefits they say they have experienced from drinking Herbalife Herbal Tea.

So, when I saw that picture (shared by Herbalife distributors in Australia – please go like their Facebook page here), I had to share it with you!  This little guy looks like he could use a little alertness and energy boost so he wants his Herbalife tea!

Rasberry herbal tea seems to be the favorite tea flavor; however, Herbalife herbal tea is available in lemon, peach and in the original flavor, too.  I think they are all delicious!

Convenient and instant, only 1/2 teaspoon of Herbalife Herbal Tea can be added to hot or cold water, so it is easy and quick to make.  It comes in 1.8 oz or 3.5 oz bottles, and in packets, too.  When you leave home, you can keep some Herbalife Herbal Concentrate Tea in your purse or Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentratecar.

Healthy green tea and botanicals included in Herbalife Herbal Tea give you the benefits of antioxidants, and give your metabolism a boost at the same time.  Switch out from drinks that cause weight gain and substitute Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate for a healthier choice that can help you burn calories instead of store them.  You will most likely feel much better.  Many people report better clarity of thought and increased energy and they feel good about drinking a healthy tea.  This special tea with its amazing proprietary formula is becoming a must have in many households worldwide.

Click here to order Herbalife Herbal Concentrate Tea online (establish an account to order online) or simply call me at (661) 406-9207.

Click here to become an Herbalife Independent Distributor by signing up online; or, again, simply call me at the number listed above.

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Social Media Engagement, Content Distribution and Amplification

Luanne CrawfordSocial media requires genuine engagement and perhaps a little automation for consistent content distribution. Its meant to be social, as you learn to interact with others and build online relationships with trust. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours at it, but you do have to check in and learn how to affirm others and share their content.

Eventually you may share others’ content through syndication tribes such as Triberr, TribePro, Onlywire, FriendFeed or Social Monkee, to name a few. There are efficient ways to shorten and schedule your interaction, social media sharing and engagement time.

Social media automation can assist with content distribution and help with development of a strong online presence. While duplication is still viable and necessary in business models, amplification leads to stronger influence and online reach. Amplification through social media can be done in a myriad of ways.

Many business can have a designated social media expert run their social media campaigns and this is a growing field of expertise. New businesses or home businesses, however, may not have the budget to hire a social media expert. Some businesses aren’t even aware of the impact of social media on business.

Those who aren’t using social media, should take the plunge, ready or not, and stay with the process. A Facebook personal page, Facebook Business Page, Twitter, Linked-In and Google Plus, are your first must have social media sites. Many reading this post are already well involved, but if you haven’t set up these basic social media sites, don’t hesitate to do so.

Some social media sharing can be automated, so it works for you while you sleep or are doing other things. It should never be a substitute for social media interaction, however. Social media automation may be used as an adjunct to direct social interaction. It should also not be comprised of all business or selling, but may be interspersed with relevant blog posts, inspirational quotes and genuinely good information that may benefit others.

One of my favorite tools for sharing social media posts which works while I’m away, is a system called Social Oomph. While sitting at “The Grove” in Los Angeles, I recorded a video explaining how I use Social Oomph as one of my social media strategies to engage users.

For a free trial of Social Oomph, click HERE.

social oomph social media automation

social oomph social media automation

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AdKreator Helps You Make Unique Landing Pages and Banner Ads

AdKreator Makes Custom Banners, Splash and Squeeze PagesWith AdKreator, you can make your own landing pages, like splash or squeeze pages, and you can even make custom banners of any size.  Easily make landing pages and banners for affiliate products to place on advertising sites, adding your own personalization and custom flair.

I’d joined Adkreator, but did not use it until around the holidays, when someone asked if I would create for them a holiday landing page.  He wanted splash page with a present on it that said “click on the free gift,” leading to a lead capture page with an AWeber web capture form in it, so he could follow up with his leads.  His team really liked the results and originality of the splash page and capture page.

You can make custom landing pages called squeeze pages or capture pages, and add to them some self-branding, too, through pictures or videos.  Its so easy to pop a Youtube embed code into the little box on the squeeze page form, as well as a web capture form from your auto-responder.  Or, take a family photo and place it on your squeeze page to give a sense of who you are.  I’ve found the conversion rates to be higher on custom pages which ad personalization compared to using company affiliate pages which people see over and over again.  It helps people get to know more about you, to like and to trust you.


For Banners, its easy to add your photograph on the end of them.  Play around with various fonts, text colors and sized until you achieve the look you desire on your banners.  Sometimes you can shrink images using a resizing tool, and even piece sections of banners together after using a cropping tool.

While I’m fairly new at making YouTube videos, below is a quick video I made showing some of the projects i’d put together with AdKreator over the holidays.  I’ve since made more and each one gets better with each new experience.  If you would like to try AdKreator, click HERE.  You’ll love it!

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Tools for Content Marketing, Content Distribution and Lead Nurturing

Tools for Content Marketing, Content Distribution and Lead NurturingTools and services are necessary for content marketing, content distribution and lead nurturing, there’s no getting around it.  There are a myriad of tools and services to assist with content marketing and content distribution.  Some of the available tools are free or low cost, and others require payment or subscriptions in order to use. Lead nurturing may begin when someone clicks a link to find out more, opts into your capture page or sales funnel, and you offer them solutions in a more personally directed way, perhaps through a free e-book or a series of auto-responder emails.  Depending on the situation, a phone call may be warranted.  You may invite them to a webinar, send them an audio link or interact with them on Skype.

One of the best platforms for content marketing is a hosted WordPress blog.  If you are a network marketer and are not yet ready to develop your own blog, there are alternatives.  A popular site with a great Alexa ranking for marketers is IBO Toolbox, where you may construct free “press releases” and if you create good online SEO, you may have a chance of hitting the first page of Google for your keywords.  For that you can use the Google Keyword Tools.  While it is advisable to have your own hosted WordPress blog, there are free blogs sites and others where you pay to blog while selling the service to others to cover your costs and to even turn a profit.  Nevertheless, to attract readers to your content, you must be able to be found in the search engines, or place your content where your target market is most likely to find it.

In addition to blogs, press releases or article marketing, other ways to get the word out about your products is through advertising with banners and text ads, using classified ads in Craigslist and other online publications, using company splash pages or squeeze pages or creating your own squeeze pages.  If you use a splash page, let it lead to a capture page which will give you contact information for your leads so that you can work at lead nurturing, or even better, let your well written, search optimized content lead to a link which directs the reader who wants more information to a squeeze page or lead capture form.

Once you’ve published content, its important to consider your target audience and demographics.  This is where content distribution comes in to play.  Share your own content on social media sites, and have those share buttons available on your blog so that others may follow suit.  Ask your friends, associates and readers for some “TLC” or Tweets, Likes and Comments.  Some sharing tools that I like include TribePro, SocialAdr and SocialMonkee, which are services which help to increase backlinks to your content.  Comment on other blogs with relevant remarks.  If you are placing ads off site from your blog, you may want to use trackers to test the effectiveness of your advertising.

To share queued content to go out to social media sites at specific intervals, I like Social Oomph, which is kind of like having a social media virtual assistant, as it tweets for me on auto-pilot about every 20 minutes.  While some of your social media can include automated posts; however, you have to also be social and interact personally, adding inspiration, value and positive affirmation for people.  When people follow you on Twitter, thank them.  Look among their tweets and find something of interest to retweet for them.  Show good will, and ask questions to create interactions.

Lead nurturing is important for conversions.  Auto-responder email marketing, free E-books, and some personal emails may start the relationship and build a subscriber base.  Depending on the situation, however, when I pick up the phone and call people who have expressed interest, conversion rates have always multiplied  Find out what your prospect is interested in and see how you can be of service.  Be a good listener, and offer step by step solutions as you engage in lead nurturing.

Use Skype and get connected to people who join your programs and offer them assistance via screen sharing if they need help to learn a new skill.  When screen sharing on Skype, you have to be either in call or video mode for it to work.  You cannot screen share on chat as it won’t work. After you develop specific problem solving skill sets with people, make a video about how to solve problems or shorten steps, or conduct a group session on Skype and record it.

These are only a few tools and tips about content marketing, content distribution and lead nurturing.  It requires practice, patience and action.  Its ok to not be perfect.  What matters is that you try, that you move forward, that you continue learning and although you may find times where other things take precedence, don’t give up.  If this post was helpful, please comment and share. (I know the video is out of sync with the audio…. this is called trial and error learning.  As soon as I learn how to fix it, it won’t have to happen again.)аудит сайта онлайн бесплатноit outsourcing москвасколько стоит ноутбук windows 8кредит наличными без справок череповецтехнический кредиткиа кредитпотребительский кредит ульяновсккредит в мвидеоbinary optionsbest press release servicesцена на укладку ламинатаbanc de binary ipad appOdnoMonsterтутцерковь возрождение киров


Why Marketers Favor AWeber for List Building and Ongoing Communication

AWeber AutoresponderAWeber is a highly favored autoresponder by marketers for list building campaigns and for ongoing communication.  It works very well for marketers who are developing multiple subscriber lists, and is effective for ongoing communication with subscribers in each subscriber list or in many subscriber lists all at once.  AWeber makes it possible for marketers to  interact with multiple lists at once and to send broadcasts on social media venues.

Use AWeber’s attractive custom lead capture forms to increase and maintain business contacts.  AWeber captures lead information so that you can connect with your leads and keep them informed.  The AWeber auto-responder system is highly customizable and its effects can be far reaching, especially with social media integration on broadcasts.  In addition to adding slots for Name and Email on web forms, add a Phone Number slot as well.  Adding a phone number slot is an essential element because regardless of what anyone says, conversion rates have increased by 20% at least when I have been willing to pick up the phone to leave a cheerful message to show subscribers that I care to help them with their marketing and that I am a real person.  So don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.

Lately I’ve been creating custom splashes, capture pages and banners with AdKreator, and embedding or leading to AWeber custom capture forms.   Coordinate custom web capture forms by colors with photographs.

Seasonal capture pages are nice, too, and came in handy for the holiday season.  Here is one I did using my grand-puppy, Presley Higgins using an AWeber Christmas web capture form.  If you note, the Herbalife capture page on the right side-bar of this blog has fruits and vegetables, and was also available in AWeber.  Or perhaps you just want white, to blend with the back-ground.

Once you create an AWeber campaign, you can generate a sharing code for follow-up messages if you are working with a team of marketers.  A sharing code enables a series of follow-up messages to be shared by simply popping in the code.  Again, screen sharing via Skype makes this relatively easy to teach others.  It saves time, and marketers can then go in and edit the messages to embed their own links, pictures, signatures, and change any wording to suit their own voices.

In a current advertising campaign I’m running, I’m meeting a diverse group of people who are interested in increasing their skill sets in Internet marketing and are in various stages of developing their home businesses.  Because many of them are not putting all of their eggs in one basket, AWeber is a perfect auto-responder for them because it can be used in multiple campaigns. Tonight, for instance, I assisted a truck driver with an AWeber installation who has also been developing Internet marketing and a network marketing company.  He was actually on his way from Missouri to Oklahoma, but parked the truck and we screen shared via Skype to load an AWeber campaign code and develop web form capture pages to re-direct to a video so he could get set up for marketing our new advertising campaign.

Family Picture on Christmas Eve 2012On New Years’ Eve, I broadcasted an email with a Happy New Year message, personalized with a picture of my family and grand-puppy, with notification about a New Year’s Day webinar.  I forgot that my AWeber broadcasts were in sync with social media sites.  At dinner that night, I noted that the AWeber live broadcast had gone out on Twitter and had already been retweeted by followers, which was really cool, increasing the reach of the broadcasted message.

If you’re ready to get started with AWeber, I am more than happy to serve you by helping you with the set up process.  Get started for a $1 trial today and you’ll continually discover the enhanced functionality and creative opportunities inherent in the AWeber Autoresponder system.  Click HERE for more information.

And for a great program to practice using it, join me in The Online Ad Network and start building your list today!  Enter through the opt-in page so that I can connect with you and assist you in your efforts.

Happy, Blessed New Year to you and all your loved ones, from my home to yours.  Luanne Crawfordfemale calves modelscheap singapore escortsкурс шекеля к гривне 2013форум о кредитахкредитная карта кукурузасправочная хоум кредит0024 кредит эльдорадокредит 100 000 рублейфлагманы мартфоностимулирование сбыта услугпродажи в интернете24optionссылкастроительный тренажер 2014 на андроидбесплатная реклама в интернете


Tips To Boost Meal Replacement Shakes

boost meal replacement shakesMeal replacement shakes don’t have to all be the same. Most people just add milk or juice to them, but you can get very creative, depending on your health goals and what you want to achieve, whether it be for more protein, flavor, more anti-oxidents, minerals, vitamins, fiber, etc. I like adding frozen blue berries and rasberries to my meal replacement shakes, or sometimes pineapple. The frozen fruit makes the shake thicker and more filling, as does ice, so you can even eat it with a spoon and enjoy it like a fresh frozen dessert.

My daughter recently got a juicer and was experimenting by adding vegetables to her meal replacement shake, like a little spinach, kale, carrots, etc. You can even try adding some pumpkin or winter squash. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins and lots of good nutritional value.

Although meal replacement shakes often have enough protein, sometimes people want to have a little more protein to hold them longer through the day or for other health reasons. Dr. Susan Bowman of Herbalife International says that although extra unflavored protein powder, milk, soy milk or almond mild can add more protein to your meal replacement shakes, there are other proteins to consider. She suggests other proteins such as yogurt, cottage cheese or even soft tofu.

If extra healthy fats are what you’d like, healthy nut or seed butters like almond, hemp or pistachio butters. You can also add flax or chia seeds to fatten up your meal replacement shakes. Avacado is another consideration for extra healthy fat.

Dr. Bowman also suggests that spices are great, not only to add extra flavor to meal replacement shakes, but for good health as well. Spices like cinnamon and cloves may be very tasty. Grated ginger root, fresh mint are additional boosters for nutrition, and flavor.

Even though Herbalife meal replacement shakes come in many satisfying, healthy and tasty flavors, you may want to get creative and try some of of these add-ins. Watch the video below with Dr. Susan Bowman as she discusses how to boost meal replacement shakes or change them up and why you might want to do so.

To learn how to become an Herbalife Independent Distributor, click the banner below of leave your information in the right sidebar of this blog. Also, don’t forget to share you comments below.

Herbalife Retail Product Catalogue

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ListJoe Safelist Marketing Email Advertising Has Social Branding

ListJoe is a safelist marketing email advertising system that re-opened after system upgrades in October 2012.  ListJoe builds your brand and social network with every email sent.  Safelist marketing email advertising is often used by online marketers who subscribe, knowing that they can send and receive email advertising from other safelist members. This keeps them up to date on what is happening in the world of online marketing opportunities.  It also solves the problem for marketers who have not yet set up a blog, or have difficulty with blogging, and opens a website traffic generation strategy which enables them to participate in online marketing.

ListJoe has great social branding features and offers networking to other profile pages within the list mailer system.  Marketers can issue connection requests on social media, or leave messages on other member’s profile pages.  When mail is sent, the branding goes with each email, so marketers can begin to put faces with names.

I like the features inside the ListJoe mailers.  You can add hyperlinks, pictures, or even copy an entire blog post and send it out to email list members with links and photos in tact.  I have not experienced this capacity with other list mailers. It was ListJoe’s capture page that caught my eye, and I’m so glad it did.

When you use list mailers like ListJoe, its important to set up a separate Gmail account where the email advertising or safelist mailers can be received. Set up a filter called “List Builders” or “Safelist Mailers” and then create a ListJoe sub-label. Once inside the back office of ListJoe, there are other list mailers that you can subscribe to, and then enter your ID number for those safelist mailers in your ListJoe back office. As you promote ListJoe to other marketers and they join you, they will also then have an opportunity to join you in the other recommended safelist marketing companies, which you will also set up a label for in your filtered Gmail account.

Free members can send 1000 emails and continue on a credit click basis, or they may upgrade. To get Joe to send email advertising to 1000 members right now, CLICK HERE.

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Health Benefits of Physical Activity as a Lifestyle Priority: WALK!

Studies show that physical activity as a lifestyle priority vastly improves health benefits and self preservation in the aging process.  In fact, the video below clearly demonstrates that the health benefits of physical activity as a lifestyle priority far outweigh the detriments of not engaging in physical activity.  This vital health message can change your life, so I urge you to watch it carefully.

The benefits of physical activity which improve overall health often get lost in the shuffle of daily commutes, increased screen time (in front of a computer or television), depression, and various other distractions which get in the way of making physical activity a lifestyle priority for better health. People are stressed out about the economy, and are encountering increased pressures to provide for their families or their own needs, forgetting or putting nutrition as well as the health benefits of physical activity, placing these important self-preservation needs on the back burner, to their own detriment.

Its important to not lose site of self-care, but all too often, people who still have jobs are stuck receiving road therapy due to a daily commute which may interfere with self-care, only to go to a desk where they spend the rest of the day in front of a computer screen or in other sedentary activities such as time-consuming meetings.  Or, others who may be experiencing an employment layoff, may be paralyzed by depression and find it hard to even move. While some may be stuck in front of the television, the benefits of physical activity can improve your mindset and your health. For Internet marketers and stay at home business people, you too must be up and outers; that is, don’t get caught up in the couch funnel trap.

Be encouraged to re-focus on self-care.  Examine your commitment to daily physical activity and after watching the video below from American Health Journal, you may consider making some modifications to implement physical activity into your lifestyle to improve your overall health. This doesn’t mean you have to over-due it and go pump metal, although some weight bearing exercises are important for your bones. Walking around your neighborhood, walking short distances instead of driving, and even walking the dog can count! Take in the sights, sounds and the beauty of nature while you engage in mild physical activity, get some fresh air and enjoy it.

Meanwhile, do take some time watch, share and vote up this captivating and informative video below, in which Dr. Mike Evans brilliantly elucidates as Liisa Sorsa illustrates the health benefits of physical activity as a lifestyle versus the detriments of not engaging in it. This is why Hippocrates said, “Walking is man’s best medicine.

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