AdKreator Helps You Make Unique Landing Pages and Banner Ads

AdKreator Makes Custom Banners, Splash and Squeeze PagesWith AdKreator, you can make your own landing pages, like splash or squeeze pages, and you can even make custom banners of any size.  Easily make landing pages and banners for affiliate products to place on advertising sites, adding your own personalization and custom flair.

I’d joined Adkreator, but did not use it until around the holidays, when someone asked if I would create for them a holiday landing page.  He wanted splash page with a present on it that said “click on the free gift,” leading to a lead capture page with an AWeber web capture form in it, so he could follow up with his leads.  His team really liked the results and originality of the splash page and capture page.

You can make custom landing pages called squeeze pages or capture pages, and add to them some self-branding, too, through pictures or videos.  Its so easy to pop a Youtube embed code into the little box on the squeeze page form, as well as a web capture form from your auto-responder.  Or, take a family photo and place it on your squeeze page to give a sense of who you are.  I’ve found the conversion rates to be higher on custom pages which ad personalization compared to using company affiliate pages which people see over and over again.  It helps people get to know more about you, to like and to trust you.


For Banners, its easy to add your photograph on the end of them.  Play around with various fonts, text colors and sized until you achieve the look you desire on your banners.  Sometimes you can shrink images using a resizing tool, and even piece sections of banners together after using a cropping tool.

While I’m fairly new at making YouTube videos, below is a quick video I made showing some of the projects i’d put together with AdKreator over the holidays.  I’ve since made more and each one gets better with each new experience.  If you would like to try AdKreator, click HERE.  You’ll love it!

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