Why Marketers Favor AWeber for List Building and Ongoing Communication

AWeber AutoresponderAWeber is a highly favored autoresponder by marketers for list building campaigns and for ongoing communication.  It works very well for marketers who are developing multiple subscriber lists, and is effective for ongoing communication with subscribers in each subscriber list or in many subscriber lists all at once.  AWeber makes it possible for marketers to  interact with multiple lists at once and to send broadcasts on social media venues.

Use AWeber’s attractive custom lead capture forms to increase and maintain business contacts.  AWeber captures lead information so that you can connect with your leads and keep them informed.  The AWeber auto-responder system is highly customizable and its effects can be far reaching, especially with social media integration on broadcasts.  In addition to adding slots for Name and Email on web forms, add a Phone Number slot as well.  Adding a phone number slot is an essential element because regardless of what anyone says, conversion rates have increased by 20% at least when I have been willing to pick up the phone to leave a cheerful message to show subscribers that I care to help them with their marketing and that I am a real person.  So don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.

Lately I’ve been creating custom splashes, capture pages and banners with AdKreator, and embedding or leading to AWeber custom capture forms.   Coordinate custom web capture forms by colors with photographs.

Seasonal capture pages are nice, too, and came in handy for the holiday season.  Here is one I did using my grand-puppy, Presley Higgins using an AWeber Christmas web capture form.  If you note, the Herbalife capture page on the right side-bar of this blog has fruits and vegetables, and was also available in AWeber.  Or perhaps you just want white, to blend with the back-ground.

Once you create an AWeber campaign, you can generate a sharing code for follow-up messages if you are working with a team of marketers.  A sharing code enables a series of follow-up messages to be shared by simply popping in the code.  Again, screen sharing via Skype makes this relatively easy to teach others.  It saves time, and marketers can then go in and edit the messages to embed their own links, pictures, signatures, and change any wording to suit their own voices.

In a current advertising campaign I’m running, I’m meeting a diverse group of people who are interested in increasing their skill sets in Internet marketing and are in various stages of developing their home businesses.  Because many of them are not putting all of their eggs in one basket, AWeber is a perfect auto-responder for them because it can be used in multiple campaigns. Tonight, for instance, I assisted a truck driver with an AWeber installation who has also been developing Internet marketing and a network marketing company.  He was actually on his way from Missouri to Oklahoma, but parked the truck and we screen shared via Skype to load an AWeber campaign code and develop web form capture pages to re-direct to a video so he could get set up for marketing our new advertising campaign.

Family Picture on Christmas Eve 2012On New Years’ Eve, I broadcasted an email with a Happy New Year message, personalized with a picture of my family and grand-puppy, with notification about a New Year’s Day webinar.  I forgot that my AWeber broadcasts were in sync with social media sites.  At dinner that night, I noted that the AWeber live broadcast had gone out on Twitter and had already been retweeted by followers, which was really cool, increasing the reach of the broadcasted message.

If you’re ready to get started with AWeber, I am more than happy to serve you by helping you with the set up process.  Get started for a $1 trial today and you’ll continually discover the enhanced functionality and creative opportunities inherent in the AWeber Autoresponder system.  Click HERE for more information.

And for a great program to practice using it, join me in The Online Ad Network and start building your list today!  Enter through the opt-in page so that I can connect with you and assist you in your efforts.

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