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Better Web Builder Platinum

by luannecrawford on March 25, 2012

Luanne Crawford

Better Web Builder Platinum new media training modules teach Internet marketing strategies to new recruits, savvy network marketers and entire organizations.   Quickly boost your online presence through these valued trainings, expand your organization, and earn income seven levels deep outside of your existing primary network marketing opportunity.

It’s a one time payment for the Better Web Builder Platinum training after becoming a Better Web Builder gold member, and you will continually be eligible for platinum profits at 50% ($125.00). Train and develop your affiliates through Better Web Builder’s customer customer relationship sales management funnel system, and earn residual income on 7 levels.  Even if you remain a free member, you earn $100 each time you sell a Better Web Builder Platinum package.  Gold Platinum members can rotate Affiliates to assist committed members with team building.

Better Web Builder’s Platinum training teaches current and incoming teams to build momentum while a lead capture system, or sales funnel, attracts new network marketing team members and organizes them within an affiliate manager system.  Inside the system, you can change the company the auto-responder by creating your own customized series of emails to keep your team on track. Broadcast announcements, instructions and opportunities to your downline through the Affiliate contact manager with one simple email and reach everyone all at once. Free mastermind trainings offered via Webinars three times a week.  The system is simple and user friendly.

Better Web Builder All In One Internet Marketing System

Platinum trainings offered by Better Web Builder teach how to use networking techniques on many existing and evolving Internet marketing and social media platforms ranging from LinkedIn to classifieds and includes blog development. The Platinum package offers comprehensive training on a myriad of relevant strategies and resources used for online and offline marketing, and the modules don’t over-tax your time because the video trainings are short, to the point and packed with value. This is refreshing.

Old school network marketing companies are joining forces with Better Web Builder’s Platinum and Gold programs, taking business online.  The Better Web Builder Platinum level opened in April 2012, with a direct payout of fifty percent for new trainees. It makes sense to earn while you learn and teach others to do the same. Better Web Builder is a vehicle similar to MLSP, used to build several streams of income as a front end lead capture system, but it costs less than MLSP to use, without a lot of up-sells happening.

Better Web Builder is an easy, fun and duplicatable online business and training system that can be started part time, accessible any time to marketers from numerous companies and niches. Every network marketer can benefit from over $100 of free Internet marketing tools in this all-in-one centralized Internet marketing system and front-end sales funnel.  Better Web Builder requires no experience, no papers to pile up or misplace, and no file cabinets to maintain all your information, as everything is contained online – including your products, opportunities, affiliate offers, and your client list that builds while you sleep, when you take action to drive traffic to your link.  Its Network marketing and Internet marketing made simple. Take a free walk-through now at


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