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Health and Wellness is Prevention

by luannecrawford on February 17, 2012

Herbalife health and wellness is prevention.  Health and wellness also means achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, getting optimal nutrition, exercising and staying fit, and taking steps to prevent disease. Practice healthy lifestyle choices while using properly absorbed quality Herbalife nutrition products for improved health and wellness.  The scientists and medical advisory board involved in the manufacturing of Herbalife products, believe in practicing prevention.  The stories before and after using Herbalife speak volumes about improved health and wellness.  Herbalife products save money because they promote good health and nutrient absorption.

It has often been said that disease begins in the gut.  Then symptoms emerge.  Once symptoms start, if you have enough symptoms, you have a syndrome, or a cluster of symptoms which create disease.  A syndrome is a cluster of biochemical and physiological dysfunctions that impact one or more systems in the body—such as the cardiovascular system, made up of the heart and blood vessels—and shares common origins in terms of nutritional deficiency and poor lifestyle habits.  If you can prevent disease, then you have a better chance at maintaining health and wellness.

What modern medicine calls “disease” is actually dysfunction brought on by the chronic, long-term nutritional deficiency we call Nutrient Deficiency Syndrome, which according to Dr. Ignarro, causes a 3D effect.  It starts with nutrient depletion because either your not getting the right nutrition or nutrition is blocked somehow from being absorbed.  Next, the nutrient depletion results in nutrient deficiency and this leads to dysfunction of bodily systems, creating syndromes or multiple syndromes which may result in disease.  So, the “three Ds” are depletion, deficiency and dysfunction, and this is what you can prevent not only by using Herbalife nutrition products, but by engaging in health and wellness lifestyle activities of good fitness, healthy foods, good sleep hygiene, stress release, and drinking plenty of water.

If you haven’t tried Herbalife’s Quick Start Program, which consists of the core Cellular Nutrition products of Formula One (Shake-Vanilla), Formula Two (Multi-vitamins), Formula Three (Cell Activator with Aloe) and Herbal Tea – you get a one month supply for about $100 by signing up as a distributor. Be an Herbalife distributor today to enhance your prevention program and improve your chances of maintaining health and wellness. It is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Copy my sponsor ID: 10Y196436 and use the 1st 3 letters of my last name: CRA and click here to start your journey to wellness.

Herbalife Health and Wellness is Prevention
Practice healthy lifestyle choices while using properly absorbed quality Herbalife nutrition for improved health and wellness. Be a distributor and save!

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Valentin Lumpkin February 21, 2012 at 10:58 pm

Tuesday is going to be fascinating in so many ways. We conservatives are going to learn how far our opponents will go to marshal their forces to win at any cost. We are about to find out what we will need to do to defeat the statists. Given the events of the last 18 months, I cant wait to see what transpires. Ultimately, the statists are going to be defeated. The math says that defeat will occur, sooner or later.


Tammi February 27, 2012 at 11:05 pm

Very good article, Luanne. I’m aware of the Herbalife products which give just the right amount of calories, the right amount of carbs and protein from a lot of plant sources. Herbalife has come a long way and they will continue to outrun other companies for years to come. Best of luck in your business and writing. I know you help many people.


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