Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes Are Low Calorie High Protein

Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes

Low Calorie, High Protein Meal Replacement Shakes are convenient, safe and cost saving. They are Herbalife Independent Distributormade of  easily absorbed micronutrients. Studies have shown that people who weigh and measure their food in order to control portions, often end up simply eyeballing or guessing on portion sizes.  Before long, portions begin to increase and they are no longer on a low calorie, high protein regimen.

Similarly, its amazing how food bills can creep up when you run to fast food places, or when dining out,  and before you know it, credit card bills start to rise. You end up spending money and gaining weight!  With healthy meal replacement shakes, you can pack them in a small container for the road and at meal time, add them to water, or any beverage. If you’re lactose intolerant, add soy, rice or almond milk or a small bit of juice with water and you’ll feel full, satisfied and energized.

Healthy Meal Replacement shakes are not just for weight loss. If you want to loose weight, however, they are great alternatives to having to count calories and plan every meal. Simply take two meal replacement shakes per day and then plan and eat only one healthy meal. At the University of Ulm in Germany, a study showed that subjects who drank two healthy meal replacement shakes daily lost more weight than those who spent time counting calories and planning meals.

Healthy meal replacement shakes are also great for people on the go who want to maintain their current weight, not only for the sake of convenience, but for also maintaining overall good health. For weight and health maintenance, one meal replacement shake is suggested.

There are also people who use meal replacement shakes For weight gain and for sports nutrition as well, but want to supplement their meals with low calorie, high protein meal replacement shakes. So, healthy meal replacement shakes are for everyone. Have you had your shake today?

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