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by luannecrawford on March 4, 2013

link and banner tracking, track links, track is a link tracking software that helps you to easily use, organize and track affiliate links and banners all from one console.  You can even re-name your links for easy identification, without having to buy more urls.  Use the social tracking bar, and your links can be shared by others on social media.  Ad your picture for personal branding, too.  I have used many free versions of tracking software to track affiliate links, but after trying the 30 day free trial of, there is no comparison.

While affiliate marketing and advertising is often done on a blog, to be successful, banners and links should be placed in a variety of places where targeted traffic is moving. not only counts views of your links and banners, but tells you where your website hits are coming from, so you can analyze where you’ll get the best return on investment for your affiliate links, banners and advertising.  It can also help with split testing, to find out what ads prospects are most drawn to.  I love the way it organizes banners – which makes it so easy to quickly cut and paste a lot of different banners to several different sites in a few minutes time. can be used by businesses to measure marketing and advertising performance, and to also track and reward affiliate performance.  Or, for supportive team building, custom rotators can be made quickly with multiple affiliate urls converted to trackers, all connected to one tracking link, which is really awesome if you want to put out a team rotator to help your whole team have more chances of being successful.  There are extensive and informative videos for businesses to view during the 30-day free trial of which show numerous benefits that  this awesome link tracking software provides.

Every time you ad a link or banner, organizes  your affiliate links and banners alphabetically, according to what you decide to call each link or banner.  So its like having a library of links and banners all in one place. offers affordable pricing for marketers after a thirty day free trial, of only $9 per month.  There are also business packages for businesses, and easy tutorials to watch on how to maximize use of  So whether you are an affiliate marketer, small business or big business, you owe it to yourself and your team to check out and its fabulous features.  To sign up for a thirty day free trial of click HERE now.



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