Tips To Boost Meal Replacement Shakes

boost meal replacement shakesMeal replacement shakes don’t have to all be the same. Most people just add milk or juice to them, but you can get very creative, depending on your health goals and what you want to achieve, whether it be for more protein, flavor, more anti-oxidents, minerals, vitamins, fiber, etc. I like adding frozen blue berries and rasberries to my meal replacement shakes, or sometimes pineapple. The frozen fruit makes the shake thicker and more filling, as does ice, so you can even eat it with a spoon and enjoy it like a fresh frozen dessert.

My daughter recently got a juicer and was experimenting by adding vegetables to her meal replacement shake, like a little spinach, kale, carrots, etc. You can even try adding some pumpkin or winter squash. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins and lots of good nutritional value.

Although meal replacement shakes often have enough protein, sometimes people want to have a little more protein to hold them longer through the day or for other health reasons. Dr. Susan Bowman of Herbalife International says that although extra unflavored protein powder, milk, soy milk or almond mild can add more protein to your meal replacement shakes, there are other proteins to consider. She suggests other proteins such as yogurt, cottage cheese or even soft tofu.

If extra healthy fats are what you’d like, healthy nut or seed butters like almond, hemp or pistachio butters. You can also add flax or chia seeds to fatten up your meal replacement shakes. Avacado is another consideration for extra healthy fat.

Dr. Bowman also suggests that spices are great, not only to add extra flavor to meal replacement shakes, but for good health as well. Spices like cinnamon and cloves may be very tasty. Grated ginger root, fresh mint are additional boosters for nutrition, and flavor.

Even though Herbalife meal replacement shakes come in many satisfying, healthy and tasty flavors, you may want to get creative and try some of of these add-ins. Watch the video below with Dr. Susan Bowman as she discusses how to boost meal replacement shakes or change them up and why you might want to do so.

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