New School Network Marketing

Old School Network Marketing Undergoes Change

Old School Network Marketing Undergoes Change

It is a new era, one of New School Network Marketing, as most direct sales companies are doing much business online.  Concurrently, it is also an era of massive traditional and government business lay-offs, with hostile work environments, rising gas prices, and less qualitative, satisfying job opportunities.  As bricks and mortar come tumbling down, rather than waiting for the phone to ring, and if you aren’t already conducting business online, there is no better time than now to join a direct sales company and learn New School Network Marketing.

The goal in New School Network Marketing is to be conveniently found by interested customers looking for your products, services or opportunity.  In New School Network Marketing, automated marketing systems continually evolve and make “going viral” and “global” something that can be done from a kitchen table or anywhere. The worldwide web is open twenty four hours a day, on the go, any time and from any place where cellular phones or wifi can connect.  It takes awhile to build your online infrastructure, so be patient but consistent and willing to learn.

Use your own hosted domain name, and have one main blog, with links to your primary opportunity company’s website.  You can get a domain and host WordPress from Go Daddy.    For 30 days, you can get som great free blog training with Sandi Krakowski, who will give you a great foundation.  She taught me so much and I hope to study from her more in the near future.  You can use free themes or purchase one.  I recommend Thesis Theme, which is a paid theme that is very versatile. Then create satellite sites like web 2.0 pages ( and are great), link to other blogs and social media sites like the Association of Better Networker’s where you  can interact with New School Network Marketers from all network marketing companies, learn, and keep up on what’s going on in the overall community.

You’ll need to start linking your content and get it in front of as many people as possible to create traffic to your website.  Christian Fioravonti is a great resource on traffic creation.  Start creating a link wheel with your blog as the center of the hub, and have all roads lead to your blog.  Exchange links with blogs on other websites or web marketing systems, like IBO Tool BoxBetter Web Builder, and syndication systems like Tribe Pro,  and use your hosted domain as your signature on forums, etc.  This is how you start to build your online real estate, which is your own blog.  Encourage visitors to participate and link to your blog as you continue to generate and update your blog with quality content while starting to connect to other sites link by link as you learn New School Network Marketing.  To learn how to become an Herbalife Distributor, click here now.

I love this little cartoon. If you think network marketing is a pyramid scheme, watch this:


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