Social Media Engagement, Content Distribution and Amplification

Luanne CrawfordSocial media requires genuine engagement and perhaps a little automation for consistent content distribution. Its meant to be social, as you learn to interact with others and build online relationships with trust. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours at it, but you do have to check in and learn how to affirm others and share their content.

Eventually you may share others’ content through syndication tribes such as Triberr, TribePro, Onlywire, FriendFeed or Social Monkee, to name a few. There are efficient ways to shorten and schedule your interaction, social media sharing and engagement time.

Social media automation can assist with content distribution and help with development of a strong online presence. While duplication is still viable and necessary in business models, amplification leads to stronger influence and online reach. Amplification through social media can be done in a myriad of ways.

Many business can have a designated social media expert run their social media campaigns and this is a growing field of expertise. New businesses or home businesses, however, may not have the budget to hire a social media expert. Some businesses aren’t even aware of the impact of social media on business.

Those who aren’t using social media, should take the plunge, ready or not, and stay with the process. A Facebook personal page, Facebook Business Page, Twitter, Linked-In and Google Plus, are your first must have social media sites. Many reading this post are already well involved, but if you haven’t set up these basic social media sites, don’t hesitate to do so.

Some social media sharing can be automated, so it works for you while you sleep or are doing other things. It should never be a substitute for social media interaction, however. Social media automation may be used as an adjunct to direct social interaction. It should also not be comprised of all business or selling, but may be interspersed with relevant blog posts, inspirational quotes and genuinely good information that may benefit others.

One of my favorite tools for sharing social media posts which works while I’m away, is a system called Social Oomph. While sitting at “The Grove” in Los Angeles, I recorded a video explaining how I use Social Oomph as one of my social media strategies to engage users.

For a free trial of Social Oomph, click HERE.

social oomph social media automation

social oomph social media automation

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