Tools for Content Marketing, Content Distribution and Lead Nurturing

Tools for Content Marketing, Content Distribution and Lead NurturingTools and services are necessary for content marketing, content distribution and lead nurturing, there’s no getting around it.  There are a myriad of tools and services to assist with content marketing and content distribution.  Some of the available tools are free or low cost, and others require payment or subscriptions in order to use. Lead nurturing may begin when someone clicks a link to find out more, opts into your capture page or sales funnel, and you offer them solutions in a more personally directed way, perhaps through a free e-book or a series of auto-responder emails.  Depending on the situation, a phone call may be warranted.  You may invite them to a webinar, send them an audio link or interact with them on Skype.

One of the best platforms for content marketing is a hosted WordPress blog.  If you are a network marketer and are not yet ready to develop your own blog, there are alternatives.  A popular site with a great Alexa ranking for marketers is IBO Toolbox, where you may construct free “press releases” and if you create good online SEO, you may have a chance of hitting the first page of Google for your keywords.  For that you can use the Google Keyword Tools.  While it is advisable to have your own hosted WordPress blog, there are free blogs sites and others where you pay to blog while selling the service to others to cover your costs and to even turn a profit.  Nevertheless, to attract readers to your content, you must be able to be found in the search engines, or place your content where your target market is most likely to find it.

In addition to blogs, press releases or article marketing, other ways to get the word out about your products is through advertising with banners and text ads, using classified ads in Craigslist and other online publications, using company splash pages or squeeze pages or creating your own squeeze pages.  If you use a splash page, let it lead to a capture page which will give you contact information for your leads so that you can work at lead nurturing, or even better, let your well written, search optimized content lead to a link which directs the reader who wants more information to a squeeze page or lead capture form.

Once you’ve published content, its important to consider your target audience and demographics.  This is where content distribution comes in to play.  Share your own content on social media sites, and have those share buttons available on your blog so that others may follow suit.  Ask your friends, associates and readers for some “TLC” or Tweets, Likes and Comments.  Some sharing tools that I like include TribePro, SocialAdr and SocialMonkee, which are services which help to increase backlinks to your content.  Comment on other blogs with relevant remarks.  If you are placing ads off site from your blog, you may want to use trackers to test the effectiveness of your advertising.

To share queued content to go out to social media sites at specific intervals, I like Social Oomph, which is kind of like having a social media virtual assistant, as it tweets for me on auto-pilot about every 20 minutes.  While some of your social media can include automated posts; however, you have to also be social and interact personally, adding inspiration, value and positive affirmation for people.  When people follow you on Twitter, thank them.  Look among their tweets and find something of interest to retweet for them.  Show good will, and ask questions to create interactions.

Lead nurturing is important for conversions.  Auto-responder email marketing, free E-books, and some personal emails may start the relationship and build a subscriber base.  Depending on the situation, however, when I pick up the phone and call people who have expressed interest, conversion rates have always multiplied  Find out what your prospect is interested in and see how you can be of service.  Be a good listener, and offer step by step solutions as you engage in lead nurturing.

Use Skype and get connected to people who join your programs and offer them assistance via screen sharing if they need help to learn a new skill.  When screen sharing on Skype, you have to be either in call or video mode for it to work.  You cannot screen share on chat as it won’t work. After you develop specific problem solving skill sets with people, make a video about how to solve problems or shorten steps, or conduct a group session on Skype and record it.

These are only a few tools and tips about content marketing, content distribution and lead nurturing.  It requires practice, patience and action.  Its ok to not be perfect.  What matters is that you try, that you move forward, that you continue learning and although you may find times where other things take precedence, don’t give up.  If this post was helpful, please comment and share. (I know the video is out of sync with the audio…. this is called trial and error learning.  As soon as I learn how to fix it, it won’t have to happen again.)аудит сайта онлайн бесплатноit outsourcing москвасколько стоит ноутбук windows 8кредит наличными без справок череповецтехнический кредиткиа кредитпотребительский кредит ульяновсккредит в мвидеоbinary optionsbest press release servicesцена на укладку ламинатаbanc de binary ipad appOdnoMonsterтутцерковь возрождение киров

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